Portadores 2009

Four friends fleeing a viral pandemic soon learn they are more dangerous than any virus.

All Titles
  • US: Carriers Carriers
  • AR: Portadores Portadores
  • BR: Vírus Vírus
  • BR: Vírus Mortal Vírus Mortal
  • BG: Носители Носители
  • CA: Infectés Infectés
  • HR: Epidemija Epidemija
  • FR: Infectés Infectés
  • DE: Carriers - Flucht vor der tödlichen Seuche Carriers - Flucht vor der tödlichen Seuche
  • GR: Πανδημία Πανδημία
  • HU: Víruscsapda Víruscsapda
  • IL: Ha'nasa'im Ha'nasa'im
  • IT: Carriers - Contagio letale Carriers - Contagio letale
  • JP: Phase 6 Phase 6
  • JP: Fueezu 6 Fueezu 6
  • MX: Portadores Portadores
  • PE: Portadores del mal Portadores del mal
  • PL: Zabójczy wirus Zabójczy wirus
  • PT: Pandemia Pandemia
  • RO: Purtatorii Purtatorii
  • RU: Носители Носители
  • RS: Epidemija Epidemija
  • ES: Infectados Infectados
  • ES: Infectados (Carriers) Infectados (Carriers)
  • ES: Infectats Infectats
  • SE: Carriers Carriers
  • TR: Veba Veba
  • US: The Untitled Pastor Brothers Project The Untitled Pastor Brothers Project
Directed by David Pastor Àlex Pastor
Artists Christopher Meloni
as Frank
Piper Perabo
as Bobby
Josh Berry
as Survivalist
Release date 01 Oct 2009
Genre Drama Horror Sci-Fi Thriller
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